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SOUTH BEND, Ind.–Cowardly, animalistic and barbaric are the words St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Commander Tim Corbett used to describe whoever shot and killed Antoine Coleman, 33, inside his car Tuesday night. 

“There were two young kids in that car…only by the Grace of God are those kids alive,” said Corbett, talking to WNDU-TV. “I have no idea how they survived, not being struck by one of those bullets.”

The murder was on a street in south South Bend, just after 8:30. The kids are three and six.

Corbett said he does not believe Coleman was shot at random. He said police have interviewed several witnesses, but they have not made an arrest.

“Kids want to remember they went fishing with their dad. They want to remember going to the fair, not I watched dad get killed.

PHOTO: Thinkstock/Ipoba