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In the midst of all the political commentary and calls for additional scrutiny into the background of Supreme Court Justice Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, there is one crucial piece of the narrative that’s been glossed over: What do the American people think about Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations?

WIBC host Tony Katz talked American’s perception of the Kavanaugh accusations, plus Democrats lack of options if they choose to block the confirmation without evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.


“What do we think about the accusations and what do we think about Democrats, who didn’t bring Ford’s accusations up when they first learned of them, but rather, waited until the very last minute to derail the confirmation process of a man who is clearly more than qualified for the job? 

And there is a second question that’s not being asked. The idea that he should be confirmed or not confirmed based on these allegations – what’s the reason that he should NOT be confirmed? Let me put it a different way: the conversation that progressives are having is that he shouldn’t be confirmed because he MAY have done something, and we can’t confirm him until we know. Well, what you want is delay and we’ve known this for the entirety of the proceedings. What you really want is to not have him on the court. So let me ask the question this way: if you confirm him, don’t you actually have more options? If you want to believe Blasey Ford, if you don’t confirm him, he will never be able to get past that label of rapist. If you confirm him and he’s on the Supreme Court, you have options. If you do not confirm him and then it turns out that Blasey Ford is lying, what will you do then?”

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