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(Michał Chodyra/Getty Images)

By now you’ve likely seen the latest local video to go viral of a man who was hit by a truck while riding a Lime scooter. 

The footage is pretty brutal. It shows the man being launched into the air after colliding with a pickup truck that was leaving a downtown parking garage.

At issue now is whether the gentleman who was driving the truck involved in the accident can sue for damages.

Lawyers for the man who was hit claim the truck driver was going too fast out of the garage, and not paying attention.  The problem, however, is that the man who was struck was riding on the forbidden sidewalk at the time of the accident.

As of now, the injured man’s lawyers are not sure whether they will seek damages against the driver, the parking garage, or the traffic attendant.

WIBC hosts Hammer and Nigel discussed the incident on today’s edition of “Legal Stuff”:


“That truck could have been going a little bit slower for sure, but the guy on the scooter was on the sidewalk. He was motoring along, he wasn’t looking, and at best, I think both are at fault.”


“But he also wasn’t wearing a helmet, which is part of the city ordinance. So he was on the sidewalk and not wearing a helmet.”


“Well, I think they’re both at fault just looking at the video.”

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