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(INDIANAPOLIS) – A new state cybersecurity plan hopes to help you stay safe from hackers.

The Department of Homeland Security oversaw the drafting of best practices for 20 different sectors, from election offices and city government to banks and energy companies. Homeland Security director Bryan Langley says it also includes a “scorecard” to check yourself on how well you’ve plugged potential security holes, from thumb drives which aren’t monitored to passwords that aren’t strong enough.

And the plan goes beyond security practices to discuss what the state might do to encourage more people to go into cybersecurity as a profession.

Indiana’s Executive Council on Cybersecurity spent 14 months preparing the plan, at the request of Governor Holcomb. Langley says the final product will be

posted on Indiana’s cybersecurity website after Governor Holcomb returns from a trip to Italy and reviews it.

(Photo: Oleksandr Rupeta/Nurphoto via Getty Images)