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Okay, IHOP has completely lost their way now. First it was burgers (Who the hell gets a hamburger at IHOP?), and now it’s pancake-infused beer.

IHOP has partnered with New York brewery Keegan Ales to debut IHOPS Pumpkin Pancake Stout, inspired by the Pumpkin Spice pancakes currently offered in restaurants.

The chain’s stout is said to blend “IHOP’s signature Buttermilk pancake batter mix with ingredients from its fall menu” to obtain its unique flavor, according to a press release.

Meanwhile, IHOP spokespersons continue to deny claims that former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton uses their batter as a makeup base.

WIBC hosts the Chicks on the Right talk pancake-infused beer in today’s edition of Speedround. Plus, Trump stands up for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and Cosby gets pudding in jail.