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(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

WIBC’s Hammer of the Hammer and Nigel show finally rose above the level of participation ribbon to grab the #1 spot in a competition he was born to win: the 2018 “Worst Human on the Planet Awards.” And get this: he didn’t even cheat!

Judges in the competition are required to be flaming liberals, devoid of all basic logic, and prone to believing any and all accusations against conservatives – regardless of evidence or proof to substantiate said accusations.

What did Hammer do to crush the other contenstants in the running? He merely questioned the legitimacy of the rape accusations that have been levied against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, thereby making him a terrible human being and obvious rape sympathizer.

Hammer and Nigel brought in WIBC hosts the Chicks on the Right to break down the latest allegations against Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh, as well as Hammer’s obvious hatred of women.

Plus, Daisy recently opted for digitally-enhanced breast multiplication surgery, and Nigel finds her hotter than ever.

Click the link below to check out the Chicks special appearance on today’s show: