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GARY, Ind.–Before the Trump press conference Wednesday evening switched to the Kavanaugh hearing, the president offered some comments on the steel industry, which he believes is doing better and making life better in places like Gary.

“Steel is like the hottest industry there is. If you look at what happened with steel, we’re charging a 25 percent tariff for the dumpers,” said Trump, wrapping two days with the UN General Assembly. “The dump massive amounts of steel. They want to put the steel companies out of business, and after they’re out of business they’ll come in and charge five times more than you ever thought possible.”

Trump said he believes tariffs on the steel and aluminum produced in other countries, are driving demand for stell made in the U.S.

“We need steel and we need aluminum. And, those industries are doing well. But, steel is incredible. U.S. Steel is opening a minimum of eight plants,” he said.

U.S. Steel also made a commitment to Gary to keep its flagship plant open, and to keep the 3,800 jobs there. That number was once over 25,000 jobs, but automation and significant problems in the auto industry caused reductions over 40 years.

“Nucor is opening up plants, and these are big plants. $750 million and a billion dollar plants in some cases.”

Trump also talked about coal, another topic he hit on at a recent rally in Evansville.

“If you look at the miners and coal,” said Trump, “Japan just gave us some numbers that are incredible. They are doubling the amount that they’re going to be buying in Japan.”

PHOTO: CNN Newsource