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INDIANAPOLIS — “We are fighting an upside down world of guilty until proven innocent.” 

Those the words of Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill Thursday, as he talked to C-SPAN’s “50 Capitols Tour.” Hill again denied the sexual misconduct claims against him that he inappropriately touched four women, one of them a state lawmaker. 

In the interview, Hill indirectly acknowledged the accusations he is facing, but instead talked about how he believes he was not being given due process when the claims were first reported.

“When accusations become a presumption of guilt, that turns our system completely around and upside-down,” Hill said. “Unless we reverse that we’re going to have many, many problems.”

The matter is in the hands of a special prosecutor and Governor Eric Holcomb is standing by his call for Hill to resign.

Hill was also asked about the state’s stance on medicinal marijuana. He reiterated his long-time stance on the matter that the state believes medical pot “at this point” is the same thing as recreational pot and that it is still illegal in Indiana.

“There is a great deal of debate about it,” said Hill. “If we go down that path where cannabis is determined to have an effective use and it gets FDA approval, that’s one thing. That’s far different than taking a substance like marijuana and simply saying ‘we think its okay, therefore we are going to legalize it for medical purposes’.”

Talking with 93 WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel earlier this month, Governor Holcomb said a concern for him when it comes to medical pot is that it is still illegal on the federal level. 

(PHOTO: Courtesy of C-SPAN)