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MUNCIE, Ind. — A Muncie police officer accused of throwing a litter box at a woman will not face criminal charges.

Chase Hunter, of New Castle, was charged Friday with domestic battery.

The charges were dropped Monday after Hunter’s accuser told Henry Co. prosecutors she no longer wanted to pursue the case, said the Muncie Star Press.

The charges stemmed from an incident at Hunter’s home on Thursday. The woman told police she was in the process of moving out of the house when Hunter threw a litter box at her. 

A Henry Co. deputy said the woman had a red mark on her temple, along with scratches on her right hand.

The woman said she got the scratches while she and Hunter were fighting over the litter box, but police didn’t say if the fight happened before or after the box was thrown.

Hunter said he wasn’t the only one to throw the litter box. He told police she threw the litter box at him and also hit him repeatedly over the course of three days.

Muncie Police Chief Joe Winkle told the Star Press on Monday that Hunter had been put on paid administrative leave. Hunter remained on leave as of Tuesday morning.

Police did not say if the litter box was empty or full.

(Photo by: Auscape/UIG via Getty Images)