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Congressman Susan Brooks told WIBC host Tony Katz Tuesday that Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly should change his mind and vote ‘yes’ to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme court if the FBI does not find any evidence corroborating the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Brooks she believes there should be an end to the process.

“Process is incredibly important,” said Brooks, “making sure there’s been a fair process for both the accuser and the accused. And so, we have had that process.”

The Congressman added that while she believes Ford had compelling testimony, there were “challenges” to her facts and testimony.

Brooks also praised President Trump’s successful renegotiation of NAFTA, but said Indiana farmers are concerned about new trade deals with Canada and Mexico.

“They’re having an incredible year with crops. They’re gonna have, I think, a huge yield and they want to have a market to move their products,” she said. “I would say aluminum, steel, I’ve heard a bit less from constituents about that and it seems as if we haven’t resolved that issue yet in this deal.”

Brooks said that Indiana needs to see new deals for steel and aluminum because of the amount that we use in the auto manufacturing industry.

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