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Great news, America! WIBC’s beloved “Mock” of the “Mock n’ Rob Show” isn’t dead!

She had a fever. She had nausea and headaches. She even vomited a couple of times.

But those are all very common symptoms of working with WIBC’s Rob Kendall.

“Mock” finally realized she might have the Rona when she noticed that she could no longer taste her coffee nor smell Rob Kendall’s criminally offensive body odor – a benefit on both counts if you’ve ever caught a whiff of Rob post-workout or tasted the God-awful coffee at Emmis.

“Mock” got tested and sure enough, the Chinese Coronavirus from China was attacking her body.

But “Mock” is a survivor. “Mock” is a warrior. “Mock” is a choice piece of [censored by management].

In conclusion, “Mock” is on the road to recovery, and Hammer and Nigel Records paid tribute to their radio sister with a new hit single: “Old Time Case Of The Ro.”