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INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION — A Purdue University graduate is closing out his stint aboard the International Space Station in unique fashion.

Astronaut Andrew Feustel, who has two science degrees from Purdue University, also moonlight’s as a musician and just released a music video for a song from ISS.

Feustal recorded a song written by his friends with the Canadian Rock Band “The Tragically Hip” called “All Around The World.” The funny thing is, he recorded the song and shot and produced the music video for the song, all while literally orbiting all around the world for the last six months.

Feustal first joined the ISS crew back in March when he was launched on a Russian Soyuz rocket. He is set to return to Earth this week.

According to WLFI, Feustal said the song perfectly describes his experience on the International Space Station. He earned a bachelor’s degree in solid earth sciences from Purdue in 1989 and then a master’s in geophysics in 1991.

(Photo by NASA/Getty Images)