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INDIANAPOLIS — A Shelby County woman is warning others that the baby changing tables in public restrooms are being used to fill syringes with heroin by drug addicts and that the leftover residue could be harmful to parents and babies.


On Sept. 23, Jessica Wayman posted a photo on her Facebook page of a Koala Kare baby changing table from a public women’s restroom that she says had burnt heroin residue on it.  Wayman says it was inside a business on the east side of Indianapolis.


As of Thursday, Oct. 4, the post and photo has been shared more than 173,000 times.


“It just hit me when I saw it, that the only people would know about this are addicts/recovering addicts, and that I should do my part to warn other parents of the danger,” says Wayman in a subsequent comment she posted on her Facebook page


Wayman also posted that parents should clean the surface of the baby changing tables before using them.


“All it would take is flakes getting stuck to a blanket, and the baby later putting the blanket in their mouth. Especially with all the fentanly [sic] out there right now, it takes a tiny amount to kill a full grown adult, it would take even less to kill a tiny baby,” Wayman says.


Photo: Getty Images / Luis Robayo