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FRANKLIN, Ind. — New court documents say a high school choir teacher in Johnson County may have had sex with a student of his as many as ten times.

The documents say a 17-year-old girl, who has since graduated from Franklin Community High School, told investigators she and her choir teacher, Alex Brickens, first hooked up at his house back in September of 2017 after she had car trouble, and had nine subsequent on again, off again rendezvous’.

Brickens was arrested and charged with child seduction last Monday, upon which he was immediately suspended by the school district.

“(Redacted) said that all the instances sex were consensual between the two,” said Johnson County Prosecuting Attorney  Ryan Bland, in the court documents. “(Redacted) said that no protection was used … and that all instances of sexual intercourse occurred at Brickens’ home.”

The documents say the girl asked Brickens what would happen if someone found out about their secret relationship, to which he she wouldn’t have to worry about it “if she was careful.” The girl said she did not take that statement as a threat.

“(Redacted) said she told her friend about what she had done with Brickens,” Bland continued. “This friend (then) started spreading it around the school.”

One of the rumors that circulated about the relationship to other students was that the girl was paid by Brickens to have sex with him. Bland said she denied that rumor. 

Bland said when they first interviewed Brickens about the claims he had sex with the girl, he denied that she had ever been in his home. He then backtracked and admitted to having a sexual relationship with the her, but that it all started after she had graduated from high school.

He then backtracked on that assertion as well, “agreeing”, according the documents, that “what (redacted) said was more accurate than what he had said.” 

Brickens is still suspended from teaching and has bonded out of jail.

(Photo: Johnson County Sheriff’s Office/WISH-TV)