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MUNCIE, Ind. — The director of the Muncie Animal Shelter has been arrested again.

Sheriff Ray Dudley told The Muncie Star Press that on Saturday Phil Peckinpaugh was booked into the Delaware County jail on a preliminary charge of invasion of privacy.

Police were shown several Snapchat messages that a Yorktown woman received from Peckinpaugh. The woman has had a protective order against him since February.

She told police she had forgotten she had an old account he could reach her on, and contacted police out of concern for his safety.

Mayor Dennis Tyler told the Star Press that all he knows is that Peckinpaugh’s been arrested for probable cause and should wait for more information to properly comment. 

However, he did add, “I am extremely concerned and frustrated that something similar has reoccurred again. My concern at this time is the potential person making the allegations and Phil’s family.”

Peckinpaugh was arrested in May on a similar charge. 

(Photo: Sean Locke/GettyImages)