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Monday night’s Indiana Senate debate covered a broad range of issues of crucial importance to Hoosier voters, but it was Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly’s ill-informed and misleading statements about the mythical so-called “gun show loophole,” which caught the attention (and drew the ire) of Guy Relford, the Gun Guy.

WIBC hosts Nigel and Rob Kendall spoke with the Gun Guy on Wednesday’s broadcast, and as Relford explained, there is no such thing as a gun show loophole.


“What they’re referring to is the fact that in some states – including Indiana – there is no requirement as to a background check between a private seller and a purchaser. The reason that a “gun show loophole” is such a poor term for what they’re referring to is because there is nothing different about a gun show and gun show rules or laws between buyers and sellers than there is anywhere else outside of a gun show. Now, private buyers and sellers might meet each other at a gun show and that could lead to a private purchase outside of a gun show, but again, that’s not a “loophole.”

Relford expanded on Donnelly’s comments and other issues related to individual gun rights tied to the Indiana Senate race during his interview with Nigel and Rob Kendall. Click the link below to hear his interview in full: