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(Cyrus McCrimmon/Getty Images)

The state of Michigan is a key battleground in the November election for U.S. Senate, and Fox News host Leland Vittert had a front row seat Friday morning to the campaign of Republican candidate John James, who is running a full 9 points behind long-time Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow, according to a recent poll.

Vittert joined WIBC host Tony Katz Friday morning, telling Tony that the “Trump effect” is not a key factor in the Michigan race.


“There is a feeling among a lot of folks that I talk to in Michigan that they are excited about the President’s economic policies, but there is a lot of disgust as well about the way the President has acted, some of the things he said, some of his other policies. And that’s certainly fuel for the Democratic machine here in trying to turn out voters by telling them, ‘Look, the President doesn’t have your back,’ and trying to hit on the sort of racial divide on those issues.”

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