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HOBART, Ind. — A lawyer from Massachusetts was driving home from his California vacation when he got caught in Hobart with more than 20 pounds of pot. 

73-year-old Steven St. Clair, of Williamsburg, Mass., got pulled over Tuesday night for tailgating a semi on I-90 near Hobart.

St. Clair mentioned that he was an attorney and professor in Connecticut and was on his way home from California, police told The Times of Northwest Indiana.

I-90 in LaPorte County is a popular route for drug traffickers, so an officer brought a K-9 over to do a “sniff test” of the air around St. Clair’s car.

When the dog smelled marijuana, officers searched the car and found 21 one-pound packages of pot. 

According to The Times, Hobart police are asking prosecutors to file a felony charge of dealing in marijuana against St. Clair.

(Photo by Andrew Lichtenstein/Getty.)