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Big changes could be coming to gaming in the state of Indiana. Next year we could finally have legalized sports betting in the Hoosier state. 

This week, a summer study committee will be meeting to hear testimony on the topic.

WIBC host Jason Hammer joined Rob Kendall to discuss what legalized sports betting could mean for the state of Indiana.


“I have zero faith that the lawmakers of Indiana won’t screw this up. Take a look at what happened with alcohol sales. They took something really simple and put so many regulations on it that you still can’t really buy alcohol on your way to the Indy 500; you can’t go buy it if you’re going to tailgate before a Colts’ game because you can’t buy it until noon. The people studying this are the kind of folks where if you give them the math problem 2+2, they’re going to come back with an 18-page report that the answer is firetruck. 

So, there is absolutely zero faith on my part that the state of Indiana is going to get this right and get this done.”

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