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Hazmat crews were dispatched to the WIBC studios Monday afternoon to clean up what one emergency response team member said was “the most grisly scene” he’d come across in his entire 28-year career as a medical professional.

“Just nasty,” said the visibly shaken paramedic. “We all listen to WIBC, so we knew Rantin’ Rob Kendall was wound pretty tight, but we never thought he’d ‘splode.”

The incident that precipitated the spontaneous and fiery combustion of long-time producer and WIBC host Rob Kendall took place on the #1 rated Hammer and Nigel show – a program which had long dwarfed Kendall’s only moderately entertaining weekend show.

Kendall was invited to discuss his views on the IPS $272 million property tax referendum, which Marion county residents will vote to approve or deny November 6th.

Audio retrieved by local investigators and later leaked to TMZ revealed Kendall was in the midst of an epic rant regarding IBJ contributor Nate Feltman’s article “IPS referendum process inspires hope” when the accident occurred. 

Click the link below to hear the full audio of the tragic event. Please note that none of the above actually occurred – except for Rob getting all “twisty pants” about the IPS referendum. That part happened.