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INDIANAPOLIS — A group of men paid an impromptu visit to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

They wanted to speak with Prosecutor Terry Curry. Clinched in their hands was cellphone video of an officer accused of using excessive force about 3 a.m. Oct. 7. 

The video can be seen here. 

According to a probable cause affidavit, police pulled Bryant Keith Patrick Jr. over during a traffic stop. Patrick is accused of running away. An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer caught him, and Patrick told officers he needed medical attention.

Medics arrived to the scene, treated Bryant and released him back into the officers’ hands. The probable cause goes on to say that Patrick threatened the officers. 

While Patrick was cuffed with his hands behind his back, an officer slammed Patrick to the ground. A woman nearby captured the incident on video, and the clip went viral.

On Monday, Pastor Denell Howard of the Hovey Street Church of Christ and others demanded that the prosecutor charge the officer. Curry did not meet with the men Monday, but his office sent a representative.  

Later, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office released this statement: 

We have been made aware that IMPD has a pending Internal Affairs investigation regarding officer conduct during the arrest in question. As is our usual course of business, we will review any investigation and additional information provided. Should we believe any actions arise to the level of criminal charges, we will pursue further action.

Since 2011 the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has prosecuted 70 police officers for a variety of offenses. Prosecutor Curry personally prosecuted former Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy David Carrico for battery of a handcuffed man and successfully gained a felony conviction. He did so to send a statement that we hold ourselves as Prosecutors and law enforcement officers to a higher standard, knowing that the public has entrusted us with the paramount responsibility of their safety. 

IMPD released this statement:  

IMPD is aware of the incident and has turned it over to the Internal Affairs Unit for a thorough investigation.

IMPD is continually working to ensure our policies, practices, and accountability processes reflect our dedication to protecting the safety of the people of Indianapolis. At the beginning of the month, Chief (Bryan) Roach created a new division for Performance and Policy, tasked with ensuring the prompt and formal review of all incidences of use of force. Residents are encouraged to file complaints with the Citizens Police Complaint Office — an office independent from IMPD that facilitates the impartial investigation of complaints against officers.

Howard made it clear he believes charges should be filed against the officer.

“Mr. Patrick is being assaulted by police officers while he is in handcuffs, and we believe that it is an injustice and he should be charged,” Howard said. 

One of those who headed down to Curry’s office was Democrat Senator Greg Taylor (D-33). 

“I’m sure that Prosecutor Curry is going to look into this and have a thorough investigation into the situation. That’s all these men want and I’m supportive of that,” Taylor said.