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(Brooke Becker/Getty Images)

The American economy has never been better, and consumers have never been more willing to shell out top dollar for odiferous items of the female undergarment persuasion. Just ask Deborah Reno, a candidate for city council in Evanston, Wyoming.

Reno officially works as a massage therapist and yoga instructor; however, she also apparently worked a side hustle under the name “Mystee Crockett.” Reno is seen stripteasing in videos and has an online storefront on her website that caters to “used panty buyers.”

Reno also apparently  sold “dirty gym shorts for $20 plus shipping.”

Charming. Definitely sounds like a top-notch candidate for city council.

Unfortunately, “Mystee Crockett” has decided to withdraw from the race due to the revelations about her small business venture as a “dirty panty salesperson.”

WIBC hosts the Chicks on the Right discussed Reno’s decision to drop out of the Wyoming race for City Council in today’s “Uncooped”:


“Listen, there is a market, which we know from emails we’ve received, of people who want not only our panties – they want our shoes, they want socks, they want everything.”


“They’ll but anything and everything – even our bodily fluids!”


“Yeah, they wanted to buy our pee!”


“See, which I’m not doing because of the DNA worries.”


“She’s now referred to it as an error in judgment. No kidding!”

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