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INDIANAPOLIS – As you fill your car, truck or SUV with antifreeze, one local veterinarian is warning you to keep your antifreeze containers away from your pets.


“It only takes just a lick for [your pet&#93 to receive a toxic amount of antifreeze, especially in small animals,” says Dr. James Speiser with IndyVet Emergency and Specialty Hospital in Indianapolis, who says less than an ounce can be fatal.


According to the Humane Society, antifreeze has a sweet flavor because of its main ingredient Ethylene glycol, which is very poisonous to pets and may lead to kidney damage or death. 


“It causes acute renal failure, kidney failure and so [pets&#93 get really sick and what we’re seeing is vomiting,” says Dr. Speiser.


To reduce the risk of poisoning, all brands of antifreeze should be sealed and stored away from animals.  Spills should be completely cleaned up right away.


The Humane Society also says you shouldn’t allow your pets to go near the neighbor’s garages, sheds or other places where they could come into contact with antifreeze.


You should also watch your pet for any strange behavior.  If you think your pets may have ingested antifreeze, take them to a veterinarian immediately.


Photo: Getty Images / NurPhoto