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(Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Senator Susan Collins of Maine received a suspicious letter on Oct. 15, becoming the latest victim in an emerging trend toward violence and threats against Republicans.

A Utah man was arrested on Oct. 3, after suspicious letters initially believed to contain the poison ricin were intercepted on their way to the White House and the Pentagon. Those envelopes were addressed to top military officials and President Donald Trump.

The letters actually contained ground castor beans, which are used to make ricin, but did test positive for ricin. 

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas also received a threatening letter that was tested for ricin but did not test positive.

WIBC host Tony Katz:

“Society is nuts! You know what society is talking about? ‘The Connors.’ I don’t know why there aren’t 12 news cameras in front of her house getting information from the neighbors about do they feel safe; talking to spouses of other Senators and asking them how they feel and how they teach their kids to handle mail.

…The political left time and again looks the other way when it comes to violence against the right.”

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