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Photo Credit: Getty Images. Picture Alliance/Contributor.


It’s getting chilly outside and October is in full swing so you may think your planting for the year is done… but actually it’s the perfect time to plant flower bulbs! If you’ve always wanted to welcome spring with some beautiful tulips or other colorful flowers, now is the time to plant them.


Once you get your bulbs (the bigger the bulb the more flower blooms) you can start putting them in the ground.


Dig about 6-8 inches deep into the soil. Place the bulbs with the point up. Put your bulbs in groups to get a fuller look. Then cover them with a layer of dirt.


To get some earlier blooms try putting some crocus bulbs (or other early bloomers) on top of the layer of soil you just covered your other bulbs with. This method will give you double the bloom in your space.


Lastly, sprinkle some bulb food to give them some added nutrients.


Worried about the squirrels? Place some chicken wire on top of it all for protection and add some mulch on top to cover it.  


Just like that you are already set for the next season and can get back to enjoying this one!