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FISHERS, Ind. — The wife of Fishers Police Officer Binh Dennis, who was critically hurt in a motorcycle crash in Brown County, says she has hope that her husband will someday walk again.

Mary Dennis tells WISH-TV that she was riding on the back of the motorcycle at the time of the crash two weeks ago.

She says the two were driving through a curve in the road when the pipe on the right side of their motorcycle touched the road.

“I felt the pipe grab the ground. I felt the bike slide. I mean like I can replay this in my mind slow motion, me sliding Binh was sliding in front of me,” said Mary Dennis.

The motorcycle hit a tree and Officer Dennis landed next to it. 

“I heard the bike just hit the tree and Binh flew up face down into the woods so I jumped up, I ran over to him. By that time, traffic had stopped. The people that were helping me — a man and a wife — she came and grabbed me cause I was over there with Binh,  he literally was face down feet up lower part of his body was twisted, and she said, ‘Honey, just come over here with me.’ She said, ‘He’s gone.’”

But Mary says she saw his fingers move.  He was flown to a hospital in Indianapolis.

“He died twice [while being transported&#93 on Lifeline.  They revived him twice,” says Mary Dennis.

Officer Dennis has had five major surgeries, including those on his brain and spine.  So far, he has no movement in his lower extremities.  

Mary Dennis believes her husband will walk again again as he begins the rehab process.

“No movement so far in the lower extremities, but his spinal cord was not cut, so that’s hope.”

A fund has been set up to help his family with his medical expenses. To donate, go to the Central Indiana Police Foundation website at


Photo: WISH-TV