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INDIANAPOLIS— A bungee cord holding a car’s hood in place is what police say caused a six-vehicle crash on I-465 Wednesday.

The crash caused all four westbound lanes of the interstate to close down for 6-1/2 hours near Allisonville Road in the Castleton area. Indiana State Police said it wants the crash to serve as a message to all drivers: You are responsible for making sure your vehicle is safe for yourself and other drivers. 

Police said the cord came loose and caused the hood to spring up. The hood blocked the driver’s view and the driver lost control. 

“The semi rear-ended him and another vehicle as the semi turned hard right. That’s when he lost control of the semi and the load shifted, causing the semi to overturn,” said state police Trooper Thomas Bennett.

The overturned semi blocked every westbound lane of I-465.  

The dominos continued to fall. A total of four passenger vehicles and two semitractor-trailers were involved.

The trooper said, “Unsafe vehicle is a problem. You could cite him for that. You could cite him for unsafe lane movement, being stopped in the lane of travel, impeding the flow of traffic.”

It’s unclear why the man was driving, whether out of necessity or other reasons. However, troopers issued him a citation for driving an unsafe vehicle. None of the other drivers involved were issued citations. 

After being rear-ended by a semi, the man was treated for cuts at the scene. Nobody was transported to the hospital. 

Trooper Bennett said, “There’s a higher power involved. That’s the only thing I can say. It doesn’t make physical sense, but we’re glad he’s OK.”