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CARMEL, Ind. — The death of a child can be devastating for a family, which is why one couple has put together a support group for children who are coping with the loss of a brother or sister.

Crew Long was only three years old when he died Sept. 18, 2017 from complications of several health issues, including lung disease and epilepsy.

After Crew passed away, his parents Scott and Mandy Long were looking for ways to help his older brothers Charlie and Cooper Long deal with the loss.  

“We felt very strongly to remember Crew, but also after Crew passed away, looked for things for siblings of child loss and there’s just not anything out there and I couldn’t believe it,” said Long.

That’s when the Longs started a non-profit foundation called “Crew’s Crew” to provide counseling and other services to kids who have lost a sibling.

“I know that even if it can put a little bit of a smile on the face of someone that’s you know going through this, I can’t even put into words ya know, what it means to me and I know Crew’s right behind all of it, too. He’s kind of pushing me along the way of helping, reaching out and helping these families,” said Mandy Long.

The family is looking for donations to grow and help more people across central Indiana.  To read more, go to .


Photo: WISH-TV