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It’s safe schools week across the country, and in the Hoosier state, Dr. Jennifer McCormick, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction joined WIBC host Tony Katz to break down everything you and your child should get out of this week.

Dr. McCormick:

“School safety is an important issue, so this week gives us a moment to pause and reflect, ask good questions, and highlight the good work that’s happening at the local level.”

…”School safety is very broad and to narrow it down to one topic is very, very dangerous. School safety is everything from active shooter situation, emergency response, dangerous weather, even the pH balance in our pools.”

…”As far as hardening schools, that’s a continuous and ongoing conversation that we continue to have and will continue to have. In fact, we spend $55 million dollars per year in assessment and $10 million from the state in safety. And while we’re having conversations about that, we need to continue to have even more conversations about it.”

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