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No one won the latest Mega Millions drawing, meaning the jackpot now climbs to an incredible $1.6 billion.

The next drawing will be Tuesday, with an estimated jackpot for that drawing that could tie the largest lottery prize in U.S. history.

The chance of matching all six numbers and taking home the grand prize is one in 302.5 million, so it’s not great. Regardless, WIBC hosts The Chicks on the Right discussed whether to take a lump sum cash prize or a 30-year payout if they managed to snag the winning numbers on Tuesday night:

Producer Rob: 

“If you won this jackpot, it would instantly make you one of the richest people in the world.”


“I would be so, so good at that. Like I feel as though I could handle it, you know? I could definitely deal with being one of the richest people in the world. And I’m going lump sum payout. I just don’t trust the people to give it to me; I don’t trust anything but the cash in my pocket.”


“Just give me the whole thing up front and we’re done – I don’t care that it’s only half of a billion dollars; I can live on that.”

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