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A special prosecutor annouced he will not file charges against Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, who was accused of inappropriately touching four women in a bar in Indianapolis last March.

Dan Sigler, who had been named the special prosecutor to investigate the claims, said during a news conference Tuesday morning that he believed the women’s claims, but could not prove that Hill had forced himself upon the four accusers.

Hill has denied any wrongdoing. The Chicks on the Right want to know how lawmakers who called upon Curtis Hill to resign can continue in their jobs following the special prosecutor’s decision, Tuesday:


“How do Eric Holcomb and Brian Bosma continue in their jobs after this? This is not helpful to their cause. It’s why I wish they hadn’t been so quick demand that he step down.”


“They did it I’m sure because we were in the midst of the #MeToo movement, so they jumped on that train, but everybody needed to calm down.”


“And now they’re going to have to work with this guy. There is going to be a civil suit brought, and it doesn’t sound like Curtis Hill is denying that he touched them. Maybe he misread some signals, but certainly nothing that warrants a resignation.”

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