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INDIANAPOLIS — Attorney General Curtis Hill isn’t facing criminal charges, but the four women accusing him of sexual misconduct announced plans Tuesday to file civil claims against him. 

Also named in the suit are the State of Indiana and the Indiana Attorney General’s office.

The four women filing suit are State Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon; Niki DaSilva, Legislative Assistant for the Indiana Senate Republicans; Gabrielle McLemore, Communications Director for the Indiana Senate Democrats; and Samantha Lozano, Legislative Assistant for the Indiana House Democrats. Lozano appeared publicly for the first time on Tuesday.

Hannah Kaufman Joseph, an attorney with Katz Korin Cunningham in Indianapolis, said the four women are victims of sexual harassment, employment retaliation and assault.

“All we’re doing today is taking the first step towards those civil claims. No lawsuit has yet been filed, our investigation has not been completed. We are merely taking the first steps to protect these victims’ right to file civil claims.” Joseph said.

An investigation by state Inspector General Lori Torres found the accusers’ claims about Hill’s conduct to be credible and trustowrthy.

Now, the accusers are asking the state to take responsibility for its elected officials and hold Hill accountable. 

“We came forward with out complaints, we cooperated during interviews with our superiors, we have waited patiently as numerous leaders have publicly stated they believe us and trust what happened to us that night,” said Lozano. “Illegal and improper behavior must be taken seriously and addressed by our laws, no matter the perpetrator’s title.” 

Rep. Reardon said they are sharing their stories because it’s time to break the silence on sexual harassment and belief by many that it’s just part of the job.

Reardon said she and the other three women want to be the “agents of change for the pervasive culture of sexual misconduct” in workplaces all over Indiana.

“It is our strong hope that as a result of our actions, workplaces across Indiana will be safe places for our daughters, for our sons, for our sisters, for our brothers, and for all,” said Reardon. “We stand together with all Hoosiers for a better and safer Indiana.”

(Photo: Madyson McGill)