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(Photo: WISH-TV)

Attorney general Curtis Hill won’t face criminal charges over what Indiana’s inspector general says was “unacceptable behavior” with several women at a downtown Indianapolis bar.

Special prosecutor Dan Sigler affirmed that he believes the accounts of the four women who claim Hill touched them inappropriately at a gathering of legislators and staff after a legislative session March 15; however, Sigler said it would be difficult to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. 

WIBC hosts Hammer and Nigel spoke with former Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, who provided additional insight into the decision not to charge Hill criminally:

“Charging a crime and convicting a person beyond a reasonable doubt of a crime are two different things. Sigler chose to err on the side of being more conservative, and I think his report was thorough and his conclusion was the right conclusion.

…You can’t remove the politics from this situation, obviously. The accusations came about in a political way, the calls for resignation, the timing of it was orchestrated in a very overt political way …and specifically with Brian Bosma, he had called for Curtis Hill’s resignation, but now he is facing even more serious allegations than Hill; however, no one is calling for Bosma’s resignation. That’s the thing that really strikes me as odd is the hypocrisy.”

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