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Looks like “People of Walmart” have some serious competition from the home improvement crowd.

In another viral video that’s sure to fill the hearts of every American with pride of country, a lunatic hag lost her mind on a fellow shopper at Home Depot this week because she felt he had parked too close to her car. The video shows the woman dropping a few F-bombs before accusing the man of having a “small pecker,” spews more profanity, insults his intelligence, his age, and accuses him of being impotent.

Sounds like a completely reasonable response to a lousy parking job.

Here’s the problem, as clearly seen in the video: it’s the WOMAN’S car that is improperly parked, while the “little pecker” she is verbally accosting is parked PERFECTLY between the lines. 

We think Hammer of WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel show put it best: “Home Depot has become the new Walmart.”