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(Jim Watson/Getty Images)

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has a message for Curtis Hill: I don’t give a crap that the special prosecutor won’t be pursuing criminal charges against you; resign anyway, you creepy bastard!

Okay, maybe he didn’t use those exact words (or anything close to them, actually), but he has refused to withdraw his call for Attorney General Curtis Hill to resign. Why? Holcomb says he “believed the women who stepped forward to report sexual harassment” by Hill and that special prosecutor Daniel Sigler agreed.

Oh, well that seems like a completely rational and intelligent stance to take on the political stage – especially in the wake of Democrats’ disastrous faceplant during the Kavanaugh hearings.

Hey, speaking of believing claims without presenting credible evidence, we’ve heard a rumor for years that Governor Eric Holcomb plays naked leapfrog with the family cat. Can we get a resignation from the self-appointed arbiter of moral justice now too?

The Chicks on the Right talked about Governor ‘Big Pants’ Holcomb doubling down on his call for Curtis Hill’s resignation in today’s edition of Speedround: