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As you may or may not be aware, Univision’s chief pin-headed imbecile, Jorge Ramos is a loud-mouthed, finger-wagging, political hypocrite. In other words, he’s a Democrat; and like all Democrats, he’s very big on preaching his ‘morally-superior’ views, but not so big on actually living up to the very standards he pretends to espouse in a most vomitous manner. 

‘Sir Ramos the Idiot’ made an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show at Fox News Tuesday night, and as usual, Tucker made mincemeat out of him. 

Ramos was invited on the program to demonstrate his diarrhea of the mouth on the topic of the migrant caravan, but things got uncomfortable for our buddy Jorge after Carlson asked him to state exactly how many caravan members HE planned to personally take in.

As usual, Ramos attempted to dodge the question. And as usual, Tucker proceeded to metaphorically punch Jorge Ramos in the face incessantly. It was MOST satisfying television indeed.

Hammer and Nigel have the full, brutal exchange and offer commentary in the following clip. Click on it now, thank us later: