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(David Baileys/Getty Images)

Ever wonder what Miley Cyrus would sound like without Auto-Tune? Wonder no more!

A man in Ireland has uploaded a video to the internet that features a real jackass of a singer… No really, it’s quite literally a singing donkey.

The video’s uploader, Martin Stanton claims he visits Harriet regularly, bringing her treats from his nearby home in Galway.

“She lives about 20 minutes away from me,” Stanton says. “I know the family who own her and I bring carrots, bread and ginger nut biscuits. She never hee-haws like other donkeys.

“I try to visit whenever I can because she is adorable, so friendly and gentle,” Stanton said.

Great, now that she’s gone viral she’s going to turn all ‘Donkey Diva.’

Hammer and Nigel played some of Harriet’s greatest hits during Wednesday’s show. Check it out!