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Wanna a see a reporter from a liberal news organization lose their ever lovin’ s#${ec4469d41b0b7bdea208b8171ec4991583ff3a026010edcbf3170c07ae1b643f}? The process to evoke aforementioned hysterical meltdown of card carrying members of “Snowflake Journalists of America” is a relatively simple process.

Step One: Call reporter or group of reporters “fake news.”

No further steps required. 

Such was the case with a delicate little flower from WABC. While setting up for a live shot, the tiny tender morsel of a reporter was called “fake news” by a pedestrian. The impact of the heckling experience was apparently so severe for this ‘Nancy Newsman’ that he felt the need to relay the incident to his viewing audience immediately, speaking with noticeable trembling in his voice.

Yes, that’s right; the modern liberal reporter is more than happy to bravely report the news from the eye of a hurricane or a nation in the midst of civil war, but refer to him as ‘fake news’ and he immediately goes tinkle in his Underoos. 

Fellow citizens, we implore you: ALWAYS offer a trigger warning prior to yelling ‘fake news’ at .the modern-day performance artists of CNN, MSNBC, or any other liberal media outlet. Thank you for your prompt attention to this critical matter.

Meanwhile, enjoy the following segment from the Hammer and Nigel show in which the guys celebrate “Great Moments in Fake News History.”