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WASHINGTON — Now that investigators say a man is in custody in connection with sending at least 12 suspicious packages addressed to CNN and top Democrats and supporters across the U.S., one local anti-terror expert says the investigation is like sorting out a puzzle.

“Each of these packages that contained a device has evidence in them,” says Peter Beering, President of Beering Enterprises which focuses on emergency response and crisis communications.

“The investigation will focus on disassembling the packages and devices tracing the many component parts, in many respects microscopically, to figure out where they came from and then use that to point back to [whomever&#93 is was who assembled them and sent them,” says Beering.

One of the key agencies that will provide a huge help in tracking the ones responsible is the U.S. Postal Service.

“The forensic examination will be to determine where they were introduced into the stream of delivery, who handled them, how long they sat in any particular place and then try to figure out who put them into the system,” Beering says.

Beering adds that the suspicious packages don’t appear to be as sophisticated as those who may be created by an expert.

“[These packages&#93 appear to not be the best bomb trade craft that we’ve seen worldwide,” says Beering.  “That said, they still are quite capable of creating upheaval.”

Two suspicious packages were identified Friday morning.  One was addressed to New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.  The second package sent to CNN and addressed to former National Intelligence Director James Clapper.  

Other similar packages were addressed to President Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden and Robert DeNiro.


Photo: Getty Images / Drew Angerer