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RICHMOND, Ind. — Instead of firing its workers for failing drug tests, one company is offering help and a second chance.

Belden, an international manufacturing company with locations in Richmond and Indianapolis, has launched Pathways to Employment to provide counseling to those who made have failed a drug test due to an opioid addiction.

Leah Tate, Vice President of Human Resources with Belden, tells Inside Indiana Business the program is in response to the need for developing and nurturing those with job skills and to avoid turnover within the company.

“We believe that in order for us to really address the addiction issues that we have to work together with corporations, state and federal governments, in order to address the problem,” says Tate.  

“We’re happy to share the program we’ve put together, we feel like it’s a model that other companies can take and tweak them and make it fit for them.”

Tate says that Belden is considering growing and sharing the program with other companies.


Photo: Getty Images / Luis Robayo