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INDIANAPOLIS–Rabbi Ben Sendrow, from Congregation Shaarey Tefilla in Carmel, got a call from Washington on his cell phone Saturday, which is the Sabbath. He answered, even though he normally doesn’t on the Sabbath, and ended up offering a prayer at the FFA National Convention at the request of the president.

His prayer reflected his view that the man who shot and killed 11 people was evil, not insane, and that his actions should not be excused.

“Someone who is insane, legally insane, does not realize he’s doing something wrong. This person knew exactly what he was doing that he was going to commit mass murder,” said Sendrow, a guest on Tony Katz and the Morning News on WIBC.

“If we call it an act of insanity, we are providing an excuse.”

He said he believes mass shootings are an indication of moral breakdown because of a decline in religious values.

“I don’t believe in religious government, but I absolutely believe in a religious society. And, so did the founders of America,” he said.

Sendrow said he has gotten nasty messages on Twitter because he agree to offer a prayer at an event where Pres. Trump spoke. He said he honored Trump’s request because he believes Trump fights evil.

PHOTO: Tony Katz/Emmis