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(Victoria Jones – PA Images / Contributor / Getty Images)

It turns out HIllary Clinton is a bigger blockhead than doctors previously thought. How dense is she? Try this one on for size: she’s actually contemplating a run for President in 2020!

Do we have an actual learning disability here, Hills, or has the blatant narcissism reached such a clinically dangerous level that you’ve deluded yourself into thinking you’re actually capable of securing the Democratic nomination? You lost TWICE, babe! TWICE!! How many times do you need to experience the utter humiliation of a failed Presidential campaign?

Hillary, please… We’re quickly approaching the point where we’re going to be forced to have you involuntarily committed to a hospital for your own safety. Seriously, you’re going down a path that’s the political equivalent of cutting yourself. Just stop it! Stop it right now!

The Chicks on the Right give Hillary the verbal beatdown she so desperately deserves in the following clip: