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(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Nothing screws up a session of sexual bliss with your spouse quite like discovering a hidden camera in the room; it just takes you completely out of the moment.

Okay, maybe some folks are in to that kind of thing, but the couple performing for voyeuristic pervs generally gets a cut of the monthly subscription fees. If you’re going to have your filthy sex being broadcast around the globe on mobile devices, you oughta at least get a couple of bucks out of the deal. Otherwise, it’s definitely time to drop you agent and look for new representation.

At any rate, a couple on a Carnival Cruise recently learned they were the victims of some dirty, dirty sex spectators after discovering a hidden camera in their modestly-sized state room. As if learning they were the world’s newest blissfully unaware porn stars wasn’t enough, Carnival Cruise Lines made things WORSE. 

WIBC hosts the Chicks on the Right explain in the following clip: