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(Sean Zanni/Getty Images)

CNN entertainer and fat head Don Lemon (seriously, check out the size of his cranium) is suffering from a rare and medically-undiagnosed case of ‘Selective Political Alzheimer’s Disease.’ 

There’s good news for old Donny, however. Unlike traditional Alzheimer’s, medical experts have discovered a highly-effective treatment for sufferers of this devastating disease: simply cease being a moron! Tada! You’re cured! Score another ‘win’ for Western medicine, kids.

How can we confirm that Donny the dum-dum is in fact riddled with SPAD? Because Lemonhead Don can’t recall when a leftist has ever committed a single act of violence. 

Lemon said Monday night that you can’t compare a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) who attempted to kill Republican lawmakers last year to a “right-winger” suspected in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and the “right-winger” who allegedly sent bombs to the network and Democrats, stating emphatically: “I don’t see Democrats killing people.”

And Don didn’t stop there, proceeding to gratuitously flaunt his lack of intelligence by adding that the comparison is unfair due to the fact that “Bernie Sanders is not the President of the United States.”

That there be some genuine liberal logic.

By the way, Don also thinks ‘white men’ are the biggest terror threat in this country.

Don, we implore you: heal thyself. And while you’re at it, check out Hammer and Nigel’s take on your horrendously ignorant comments in today’s edition of “Is It Racist?”: