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Why are Hillary Clinton and Sen. Joe Donnelly getting a free pass for their racist comments?

Seriously? Why is the former Secretary of State not being vilified by Don Lemon on CNN for saying that black people, “all look alike?” Why is Chris Matthews of MSNBC not calling for the resignation of Indiana Democrat Joe Donnelly for saying that his state campaign director is Indian-America, “BUT” he does a great job? 

Donnelly followed up by saying his director of consituent services is African-American, “BUT” she does, “an even more incredible job than you could ever imagine.”

Donnelly was asked about his comments:

He stated:


I misspoke. My diversity of the office has been a complete commitment of mine. It’s part of my life’s work and the record speaks for itself.

I think Hoosiers would accept his admission that he misspoke (though mentioning of his life’s work and record is a total red herring.)

But, would this apology work if it was said by a Republican? Also, it wasn’t an apology. He says he misspoke, but Sen. Joe Donnelly never apologized for the implications of his remarks; that minorities can overcome their “condition” and do good work, anyway. What else could “but” in his original words mean?

Hillary Clinton has not apologized, either. Has CNN, MSNBC, WaPo or the NYT even asked her to?


The story here is the clear double standard that mainstream media engages, but never acknowledges. If either Clinton’s or Donnelly’s statements had been made by a Republican, the mainstream media would be running them 24 hours a day. There would be interviews with black leaders and pundits demanding resignations or boycotts. Celebrity culture would decry the racism, followed by some unintelligeble screed about social justice.

But for Hillary Clinton and Sen. Joe Donnelly? Deliberate silence. No celebrities scream. No black leaders get invited to share their thoughts or outrage on cable news.

The mainstream media never holds their preferred friends to account. Rather, they prefer to pretend it never happened; holding their friends to the standard they demand from others might hurt their friends, and the implementation of their shared ideology which, ironically, obsetnsibly includes being opposed to racism and bigotry.

Hillary Clinton and Sen. Donnelly got a Racist Hall Pass from the 4th estate. And you know why.