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INDIANAPOLIS — The deaths of three children in Rochester while waiting for their school bus on Tuesday morning has brought more attention to the need for awareness while driving with school buses on the road.

Debbie Hersman, the President and CEO of The National Safety Council, says 119 people died in school bus crashes across the U.S. in 2016.  That same year, nearly 18,000 people were hurt in crashes involving school buses.

“Particularly, when we think about times of year when it might be hard to see, it’s still dark in the morning when children are going to the bus just,” Hersman tells WISH-TV.  “Being extra careful in those environments, students or children might not have the judgment to understand how risky the environment is and they are counting on adults to be looking out for them.” 

The National Safety Council is recommending that all school buses have three-point seatbelts for passengers, just like those safety belts found in the front seats of cars and trucks. 


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