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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joined WIBC host Tony Katz Thursday to discuss sanctions with Iran, the current relationship with Saudi Arabia, and U.S. relations with China and Russia.

On Threat of Iran:

“This country [Iran] is the world’s largest state sponsor of terror. Just in the last week we’ve seen them try to assassinate people in Europe. This is a country that poses a tremendous threat in the Middle East and it is the primary reason that President Trump chose to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. And next week, we will reimpose the harshest sanctions ever having been put into place against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been a great partner with us in pushing back against the Iranian regime in an effort to change its behavior by assisting and ensuring that there is enough crude oil in the marketplace so that the Iranian regime will no longer be able to sell to fund its terror campaign.”

On Saudi Arabia and Murder of Jamal Khashoggi:

“The President has made clear that the murder of Jamal Khashoggi was unacceptable; it was completely out of bounds. The Saudi leadership has said the exact same thing. We and the Saudi leadership are engaged in a fact finding mission to determine what happened, and we have made a commitment to hold those responsible for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi accountable.

But we also recognize a long-time and deep set of strategic relationships with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are the custodian for the two holy sites; they are partners in commerce; they provide tremendous opportunities for Americans to grow their businesses, and they have been a solid partner for the Trump administration in countering terrorism and we can’t lose sight of that.”

On U.S. Relationship with Russia and China:

“Russia is a much smaller economy but still maintains a large nuclear arsenal, which not only threatens the United States but the world. President Trump has been really tough and we have done things to put pressure on Russia that no previous administration has done; however, we are also looking for areas of common interest where we can work together.

On China, this is a long-term challenge on every front. President Trump began by addressing our trade relationship with China. We have had a very unbalanced and unfair trade arrangement with China for many, many administrations and President Trump said enough. Fair and reciprocal trade with China is demanded and we are going to achieve that.”

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