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It is the 10-year anniversary of Bottoms Up Beer – the most efficient beer dispensing system in the world.

Bottoms Up CEO Josh Springer joined WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel show Thursday afternoon to discuss how the most unique innovation in the beverage industry became a global sensation.

Springer explained how the unique system works:

“The system magically fills a glass of beer through the bottom of the glass. There’s a little metal ring in the bottom of the glass; there’s a magnet that sticks to that ring; set the glass on top of the dispenser and it fills the glass. It stops automatically; you remove it; it doesn’t waste a drop of beer.”

Bottoms Up was originally based in Washington state before relocating to the Midwest.

“We relocated here about seven years ago and I love it here.”

According to Springer, it took a while for the brand to take off, but the backstory of how it came to be is one of the greatest stories of entrepreneurship we’ve ever heard. Click the link below to hear it for yourself; we think you’ll agree.