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Fox News host leland Vittert joins WIBC host Tony Katz every Friday to talk about the biggest stories in national politics.

This week, Vittert previewed the upcoming mid-term elections. We are only a few days out and the polls are all over the place. What does that signal? 


“I haven’t talked to enough undecided voters that matter to answer the question. What I have done is spent enough time studying elections to know that the talking points in the last say seven days in the closing arguments – very difficult to know what’s going to sway the undecided voters, but very often it’s emotion. 

…Another way to look at it: he who is the shrillest is the most desperate. He who talks about issuing executive orders to override the U.S. Constitution sounds a lot more desperate than Democrats right now who post Kavanaugh seem to have a pretty coherent argument. They’re not all over the place in the way that some Republicans seem to be. Now, is that because Republicans have seen polling that isn’t as good as the numbers that you just talked about? Don’t know, but at least among Republicans that I’ve talked to across the country, they’re a lot more nervous than Democrats.” 

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