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(Mandel Ngan/Getty Images)

CNN’s chief White House snowflake and whiner was given a surprise on Wednesday when a Donald Trump supporter apologized for flipping him off at a Tampa, Florida rally earlier in this year.

“Alleged” reporter Jim Acosta was again covering a Florida Trump rally—this time in Fort Myers—when a man in a MAGA hat said he wanted to chat.

“I just wanted to apologize for flipping you off in Tampa,” the man said. “I got carried away.” 

Acosta thanked the man and said he hoped to see him again, before the pair made their exit. 

The CNN reporter later shared a video of the incident on Twitter, with the comment, “Had a hell of a night in Fort Myers. This man apologized for giving me the finger at a rally earlier this year in Tampa. Really. We had a moment.”

Acosta, clearly moved by the gesture, immediately took to Twitter to start whining about President Trump’s speech at the rally.

WIBC hosts the Chicks on the Right break down the FULL story in the following clip: